Tontine Lake



Located west of the junction of the A19/A172 in North Yorkshire this three acre lake is the clubs main water and well known for its specimen sized fish and natural surroundings


Originally a working clay pit and headquarters of the Tontine Brick and Tile Works in the 19thcentury. In the early 20th century the site flooded leaving an expanse of water of similar size and shape as the lake is today.

The club acquired the site in the 1950s the water being almost a 'hole in the ground' with minimal tree cover, overgrown banks and teeming with stunted roach plus pike and eels. Over the following twenty years extensive tree planting, access provision, construction of a members hut (originally a wooden caravan), a boathouse and fishing platforms has created the site in its present form. In addition to the groundworks, careful removal and introduction of fish was implemented, the latter policy being continued to the present day to establish a varied age band of species for the future.

This has resulted in The Tontine becoming the premier club run specimen lake in the region - although we may be a little biased.

Whilst nets of small silver fish provide good sport its main attraction is to those members wishing to catch larger specimens - especially the carp. Present lake records are Tench 6lb 6oz, Carp (Mirror) 25lb, Carp (Common) 30lb 4oz, Bream 10lb, Eel 7lb 2oz, Roach 1lb 12oz, Perch 3lb 1oz and Pike to 10lb+


Tontine Lake Rules

1.The Lake is closed from 15th March to 31st May (inclusive)

2. Fishing is allowed from 4-00 am to 10 -00 pm plus night

fishing is allowed on Thursday and Friday.

3. In addition a Night Syndicate is in place which allows members

to fish Monday to Friday nights (No fishing is allowed on

Saturday or Sunday nights .) There is a waiting list for the

syndicate - enquiries to 01642 319051.

4. As on all club waters, members only no day tickets .

5. Unhooking Mats must be used when handling large fish.

6.Common sense and the welfare of the fish must always be the

1st Priority when fishing, especially close to snags / weed beds.

7. Other Rules in Members Book.


Mount Lodge Pond


Located at the base of the Cleveland Hills to the east of the A19 and alongside Mount Grace Priory, not far from the Tontine Lake, this small pond is a more recent club water and again has a long history.

The pond is stream fed and originally supplied water for a local flour mill (long gone, although the mill race can still be seen in places). On the mills closure the pond silted up, trees grew in it and it became unrecognisable, until 1981 when it was excavated and restored. It was then used by the Environment Agency as growing on / stock pond until 1996 when the club took it over.

Whilst fish stocks were present the pond was unfishable due to overgrown and steep, dangerous banks. Many hours and days work followed; excavating, shoring up and constructing safe fishing platforms before being made available to members. In addition the pond was netted to establish fish stocks and further fish were introduced.

This pond is managed specifically for those members who like to catch a net of fish of various species (with a possible surprise), easy access & parking (within twenty metres of pond) in relaxed and pleasant surroundings - a day out in the countryside and there's always the option of a visit to the Priory (only five minutes walk away), although entry is not included in members annual subscription payment to the club.

The pond contains bream to 5lb+, mirror & common carp to double figures plus perch, tench, roach & chub.


 Mount Lodge Pond Rules.

1.Open 9-00 am till 5-00 pm throughout the year. ( the restricted access is for security reasons, the A19 access gate being padlocked at  6-00 pm each evening .)

2. No fishing on roadside bank.

3. No bivies / shelters.

4. Other Rules in Members book.